PITA reaches a turnover of 326 million Euros, and 1,722 workers

The companies of the Park have boosted innovation in the province in the last year, with more than 30 patents, most significant being the agro-food sector, biotechnology and IT

The Science and Technology Park of Almería (PITA) continues growing both in turnover and in number of employees in the last year. The companies based in the Park had a total turnover of more than 326 million Euros, and 1,722 workers. According to the data from the previous year, the economical growth is of 35%, while the growth in labor force is over 50%. In PITA the businesses focused on innovation and development are pioneers, with more than 180 employees working exclusively in this area. In addition, it should be mentioned that in 2016, a total of 31 patents were granted to companies within the Park.

Over the last year, the occupation of the Park has reached a 26.98%, after the opening of the companies Luis Andújar and Hortocampo. When it comes to the rented office space, the occupation is above 86%, a very positive number, as some of the companies already located in PITA have chosen to expand their surface this past year.

These numbers were presented in the meeting between the press and the president of PITA and delegate of the Andalusian regional government, Gracia Fernández, and the CEO of the Park, Antonio Domene. “The companies are counting on PITA as a place to establish a firm base. It has an environment that fosters cooperation, with an intensive daily activity of conferences, presentations and meetings. During 2016, more than 4,900 people took part in 98 acts of business stimulation. These activities are open to all companies, whether or not they are located in the Park”, Gracia Fernández stated.

Challenges for 2017
On the commercial level, the Park is working on attracting both national and international companies. “PITA is recognized as the best business environment of the province, a place that gives an innovative image, with a watermark of excellence obtained by the products and services provided by each and every one of our companies. There is no doubt, that this is a great place to show the productive potential of the province,” said Fernández.

This is why the Park will continue to support technologies and their use in different sectors, primarily in agriculture, as well as the concept of bio economy, as this sector adds value and improves the businesses’ competitiveness. “We find ourselves in a global context of continuous change, which will be a result of our own actions. We need to take on this new stage of consolidating PITA from an optimistic point of view” was the conclusion made by the Park’s president.