PITA receives an international mission with 40 Ibero-American authorities

Innovation and entrepreneurship have been the mail themes in this day in which Andalucía Emprende and ALMUR have participated

Ibero-American Union of Municipalists (UIM) International Mission has participated in Science and Technology Park of Almería (PITA) during a working day where innovation and entrepreneurship has been taking place, focus on “Comprehensive Management of Public Policies”. The group of forty authorities came from the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and El Salvador.

The international mission aims to train participants to implement actions in their destination countries.  Alicia Cañadas Innovation Manager at PITA, Alicia Cañadas has shown them how PITA as a public-private collaboration, is configured as the great business center of the province. “Spanish science and technology parks are networking spaces that offer an unbeatable environment to promote the development of innovative companies, encourage the creation of quality employment, enrich local and regional socioeconomic development,” she explained.

Juan Jose Bonilla, Director of Support Centers for Business Development (CADE) in Almeria, has exposed as “talent and entrepreneurial initiative are the main drivers of the local economy and employment “.  

Margarita Cobos, President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Almeria (ALMUR), has transferred the experience of “entrepreneurship in women”, as well as other tools and aids that they are carried out to boost business initiatives led by women.

The international mission continues this week with other meetings in Granada, El Ejido and Almería. With the training program developed by the UIM, in collaboration with the City Council of Almería and the Provincial Council, the idiosyncrasy of Eastern Andalusia is valued as an example of development that can be extrapolated in particular in such strategic areas as agriculture, management of heritage or tourism in their countries of origin.