PITA shows the students of the University of Salford business and business model

Participants have been able to know the importance of the Technology Park as a catalyst for the economy of the province

Science and Technology Park of Almería (PITA) has received a group of students from the Master International Business of the University of Salford (Manchester) with whom and shared with them shared the environment of innovation and business cooperation of the Park, promoter of the economy of the province. The participants were able to know the importance of the Technological Park and the initiatives that are carried out at the local, national and international level, with the aim of promoting the development of the companies that are located in it. The group, composed of a dozen nationalities, and their professors from the Salford Business School, a center that has great prestige around the world. The students have had the opportunity to visit the Pitágoras building, headquarters of PITA, and have an overview of the work carried out by the Park and its companies. Students have had meetings with SoloRaf and Viewnext companies, as well as visit LAB facilities at the PITA. Responsibles of these companies have made a presentation of their activity and have responded to the doubts that have arisen in a very enriching debate about their business model.