Hefona enters the Chinese market with its ‘LiberPro®’ technology

The PITA-based company has held a trade meeting with representatives of the Asian country for the importation of nutritional products for agriculture

Hefona Group, manufacturers of ecological inputs and zero waste for agriculture, works its arrival in the Chinese market. The company, based in the Science and Technology Park of Almeria (PITA), has shown its product line and its technology ‘LiberPro®’ to a delegation from the Asian country during a commercial mission.

The commercial director of Hefona, Daniel Ferrer, the development director, Jesús Delgado and the delegate of Eastern Andalusia and Murcia, Libia Ojeda held a meeting with representatives of the Chinese government, an importing company and a registration company from the Asian country. The delegation aims to meet companies that manufacture agricultural inputs. The general director of the PITA, Diego Clemente also participated in this work meeting to show the support that is made from the Park to the companies that are part of their business community to continue their development and expansion in other markets.

“It is an honor to receive these international visits interested in the products of our companies in addition to the exchange of knowledge that occurs between such distant points. We are in a global world where the collaboration of innovation and internationalization are the keys to continue growing, ”said Clemente.

Hefona launched the product line with ‘LiberPro®’ technology to the market, which has meant a drastic change in the concept of formulation, availability and assimilation of phytonutrients in crops that has the effect of multiplying the nutritional possibilities of each of they. Thus, they achieve a high effectiveness reaching all tissues in a faster, active and effective way.

Through its products, Hefona maximizes the plant’s capabilities to achieve a healthy and vigorous development, paying attention to quality and profitability. “Our goal is healthier, more productive plants, increasing the quality and post-harvest life of the fruits, and directly the profitability for the producer” explains Ferrer

The company has a clear international strategy with a presence currently in South America and works for its arrival in countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, in addition to Central and North America.