PITA and Clever I + C strengthen alliances with companies and entities in the Russian Kemerovo region

During a direct commercial mission they have held meetings with the Kuzbass Technopark, Business Support Center and the Agricultural Research Institute ‘Agroechology’, among others

The Science and Technology Park of Almeria (PITA) together with the Clever I + C company, based in the park, have carried out a direct commercial mission in the Russian city of Kemerovo. It is one of the most important areas at the industrial level, with a strong commitment to innovation and research in the agricultural and biotechnology sector.

During the mission funded by Kuzbass Export Support Center, and organized with the collaboration of Clever I + C, different visits were made to agrotechnological and biotechnological companies, Kuzbass Technopark, Bussines Support Center, Plant Biotechnology Center of Kemerovo State University and to the Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute, among others. During the meetings held, agreements were reached for cooperation and information exchange.

The director of the PITA Business Area, Evan Céspedes, has highlighted the relevance of this internationalization action of the park in a country that is promoting the development of products related to biotechnology. “In a few months we will receive a Kemerovo delegation with companies specialized in these lines of business that can find meeting points with companies in Almeria,” he said.

For his part, the director of Clever I + C, an Almeria consultant specializing in biotechnological and agri-food innovation, has stressed that it is “important for us to strengthen relations between Russia and Spain. We arrived in Kuzbass to find reliable partners that are ready to supply products to Europe. ”

The company has extensive experience in this type of missions, a total of four organized, such as the one that took place last year, a Russian technological mission that visited different parts of Spain for five days, including the Almeria technopolis. Through this type of actions, commercial and research cooperation ties are established in the line of promoting the Spanish-Russian Platform in agro-biotechnological cooperation, coordinated by Clever I + C. The consultant maintains a preferential position in this country where it currently manages four biotechnological research projects for companies in Almeria and Granada, out of a total of 7 promoted and developed in recent years in regions such as Altai, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo and Moscow.